Snowkiting in Norway

Hardangervidda is called a snowkite paradise.
Come find out for yourself!

Giant lakes, gradual hills, lots of snow.
No trees or wires wide far.
Just whistling wind, you ... and kite!

That you've never tried it before? Then you're in the right place.
If we watch over you, you'll be ripping in two days.

Hardangervidda is a place with one of the best conditions for snowkiting in the world.
Why? Because of the huge ridable area, stable wind and really looong winter season.

Enjoy it with us!

Just get to Haugastøl, we'll take care of the rest.
We will:

  • drive you from/to Haugastol

  • accommodate you directly at the spot and feed you

  • lend you a complete kite equip

  • explain what and how (if you have no experience yet)

  • take you from/to any spot of your preference during the week

  • warm you up in our comfy sauna

  • depending on your mood and courage, we can help you experience another Nordic adventure

Norway snowkiting spot map

Your Nordic adventure with Upwind

Experience full service and unparalleled enjoyment on your snowkiting adventure.

Whether you're seeking just accommodation, equipment rental, or snowkiting lessons, we've got you covered.

Our tours are designed for your utmost comfort. We recommend spots with the best conditions each day, allowing you to focus solely on the joy of snowkiting!

It doesn't have to end with kiting!

Depending on the weather and your condition, we can go on a multi-day trip, sleeping in a tent, a snow-shelter, or one of the accessible cabins.
We will rent you all necessary equipment.

You can try pulling the pulk with the kite, cooking on and from the snow, or putting on frozen and sometimes snowy ski boots in the morning ;)

To liven things up, we can rent out cross-country skis; there are great ski slopes around, or you can go snowshoeing or dog sledding... and not only children will certainly appreciate sledding down the slope, which we have all to ourselves. Pure happiness and an experience for the rest of your life!

Under the supervision of experienced arctic explorers

Throughout your entire stay, you will be guided by experienced explorer members of Jan Simek’s team, the Long Distance Kiting VAKE 2019 world champion!

We have been coming to the area since 2010 and know it like our own backyard.

We will recommend the best spots for the day and according to your skills. We will drive you there if needed, and if you like, we will keep an eye on you, explain how to kite, and in two days, you'll be ripping!

What's the price

It's simple: 1390 EUR person/week

Snowkite Camp Fagerheim Basic

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • full board
  • transfer from/to Haugastøl train station
  • transfer from/to any spot of your preference during the week
  • pleasant handling and professional guidance on the plateau
  • coffee and tea during the day
this is up to you:
  • transfer to/from Haugastøl, Norway
  • insurance
  • choose from optional rental/lessons below

When to come

Snowkiting season usually lasts from early January to the end of April. In the beginning, when the days are shorter, a steady wind blows through the endless plains of fresh powder. The wind gets lighter at the end of the season, but you will get tanned and there's a chance for northern lights during the night.

  • august
  • september
  • october
  • november
  • december
  • january
  • february
  • march
  • april
  • may
  • june
  • july

if you want to hear our lovely voice right away, call +47 980 98 975

For 2024 season please book through Dagali Fjellpark.
For bookings outside the listed dates, please contact us at

Let's go!

How to get to us


Fly to Oslo airport – Gardemoen, Torp or Rygge.

In Oslo at the airport:
  • rent a car and come directly to our base
  • take a train to Haugastøl station (where we will pick you up) – reserve you train tickets via
  • on some dates, we can arrange transport from/to the airport in Oslo (must be agreed in advance).
Welcome to Fagerheim, the best snowkiting Norway accommodation!
See the prices for additional luggage – except for ski boots you can borrow the rest of the equipment from us.


Just drive :)

In our opinion, this is the best way to get here, even with smaller (2+) groups of people. You can take any equipment and supplies with you, and have much fun with your friends during the road trip.

Recommended ferries when coming from central Europe:
Where are you going to stay


Fagerheim Fjellstugu is a set of newly renovated Norwegian apartments.
Each apartment has two floors, it accommodates 4 people and has everything you need – living room with fireplace and amazing views of the plateau, 2 double bedrooms, bathroom & toilet, kitchen and storage. There are also 2 apartments which are “connected” together via an open wall in the living room and create a bigger apartment for 8 people (ideal for bigger friendly groups). The apartments are located at the place with 5G internet coverage.

Unlimited internet is available for poor remote workers, but we don't like to see it!

Fagerheim is the right place, it won’t be far anywhere:

  • 0 minutes walk to the closest snowkite spot (Fagerheim)
  • 10 minutes by car to Haugastøl (closest train station)
  • 15 minutes by car maximum to any snowkite spot on the plateau
  • 20 minutes by car to the closest store and gas station (Ustaoset)

You won't die of hunger!


Full board is included. We offer full board: breakfast, lunch to go, dinner. The week starts by Saturday dinner and ends by Saturday breakfast.

We try to adapt to diets.

Who will we meet?

We have successfully received your reservation.

You can find the recap in your email. We'll get back to you as soon as possible, but if you're in a hurry or we don't respond fast, don't hesitate to give us a call! | +47 980 98 975